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Dealing with insurance company agents is generally not the first concern for most people in the aftermath of an accident. However, it is still a serious concern. Failure to handle the insurance components of a personal injury claim can result in a much lower compensation award or even the loss of your right to bring a claim for compensation. If you have suffered injuries in an accident, your first step after seeking medical attention should be to contact an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights and work with the insurance company on your behalf.

Attorney Tom Guccione brings 39 years of legal experience in insurance claims and other aspects of clients' personal injury claims. His former experience defending against personal injury and tort claims for New York City means he knows how the opposition operates. When you work with him, you will receive detailed, personalized representation as he seeks full and fair compensation for you. Call his Brooklyn office at 718-596-4184 for a free consultation.

Why You Need An Attorney To Handle Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their financial interests, which in most cases means collecting premiums and not paying out on claims from their policyholders. For most injury victims, insurance agents reach out to them apparently as a friendly voice of concern, asking questions and trying to get all the details they can. What most people don't realize is that these insurance agents are looking for comments from unwary injury victims that they can use to minimize or deny claims.

"After handling all types of accident and negligence claims for 39 years, I have gained extensive knowledge of how to handle insurance companies. What you say to the insurance agents, as well as what you say to your doctors, can be used by the insurance company to reduce your compensation. I can help protect you against the insurance company to make sure you obtain full compensation for your injuries."

— Attorney Tom Guccione

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