Fighting The Trucking Company For You

Any type of vehicle accident has the potential to be catastrophic. When an auto accident involves a large vehicle such as a truck, the probability of catastrophic injuries increases. In these complex cases, you need an experienced lawyer to represent your interests.

Attorney Thomas Guccione has 37 years of legal experience and a wealth of knowledge representing clients in all types of motor vehicle accidents, with a particular focus on handling cases involving large vehicles such as semis and other commercial vehicles. From its Brooklyn home office, the firm handles trucking accidents for clients throughout New York's five boroughs.

Why Truck Accident Cases Are Complex

Significant complications arise when a car accident involves at least one oversized vehicle. Because of the size and speed of a bus or tractor-trailer, these accidents cause injuries that can be catastrophic or fatal.

In addition, many people don't realize that there are unique laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry. This creates numerous legal complications for attorneys handling tractor-trailer accident cases. Similarly, cases involving buses, fire trucks, garbage carriers and other commercial or government vehicles can bring complicated municipal law into play.

You Need A Lawyer With A Comprehensive Understanding Of These Laws

"The laws are different, and various complications arise when municipal vehicles, tractor-trailers or other large vehicles are involved in an accident. I have handled all types of motor vehicle accident claims for my clients. In addition to my extensive experience and knowledge, I take care of my clients personally. I understand that you are in a difficult time, and I am committed to helping you through the process."

— Attorney Tom Guccione

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