How Do I Sue The MTA After A Mass Transit Accident?

Millions of New Yorkers use mass transit every day and most arrive safely at their destination. When mass transit passengers suffer an injury, however, they often do not know how to get the compensation they need. Fighting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a challenge that requires the help of an experienced attorney.

The MTA has teams of lawyers who work to keep injury claim pay-outs to a minimum. As a former tort defense attorney for New York City, Tom Guccione knows how these lawyers operate. He also knows how to build strong cases for injury victims. You can rely on his 37 years of legal experience and his knowledge of the complex municipal laws involved in MTA cases. As your attorney, he will handle the MTA for you. To learn more, call The Law Office of Tom Guccione in Brooklyn at 718-596-4184 for a free consultation.

Bus, Subway And Train Accident Cases Can Be Complex

Mr. Guccione has the experience to represent you in mass transit accidents involving:

  • Buses — A bus can cause injuries to passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants of other vehicles. Bus passengers can be injured while entering or exiting the bus. They can also be hit by the bus near the bus stop. If the bus is involved in a vehicle accident, passengers may suffer injuries in a number of ways, including being knocked down by the force of the collision.
  • Subways — When subway trains collide, passengers can be severely or fatally injured. Collisions are not the only danger passengers face, however. Subway passengers can be injured if they are caught in the subway doors, if they are caused to fall on the train or if they are caused to fall on the platform.
  • Trains — A collision or derailment can cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Similar to subways, train passengers can also suffer injuries simply waiting for the train. Platforms often present slip-and-fall hazards, especially if they are outside and exposed to rain, ice and snow.

Whether you suffered broken bones, an amputation, neck and back injuries, a brain injury or a spinal cord injury, you can seek compensation for your losses. If you lost a family member in a mass transit accident, you can seek compensation for the personal loss of a loved one, funeral and burial expenses, and additional damages.

You Need Strong, Experienced Representation

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