Protecting Your Rights Against Police And Security Brutality

Security guards, police and other people responsible for public safety have strict rules and limitations regarding the use of force. However, in far too many instances, these professionals abuse their authority and use excessive force, resulting in their victims suffering significant injuries and trauma.

You have the right to expect that police and security guards will not abuse their authority or responsibility. If you have been hurt by police brutality or excessive force by police or security officers, talk with an experienced lawyer. The Law Office of Tom Guccione in Brooklyn represents clients throughout New York's five boroughs in all types of accident and injury claims, including police brutality and excessive force. Attorney Tom Guccione has 37 years of experience and a strong commitment to providing exceptional client service.

Were Your Civil Rights Violated By Law Enforcement?

The firm represents clients in cases involving:

  • Police brutality: The police are only allowed to use reasonable force that is not excessive for the circumstances.
  • Security brutality: In public places, as well as at sporting events, concerts and other large events, security are there to keep the peace and keep everyone safe. When they use excessive force, their victims are entitled to be compensated for the injuries they suffer.
  • Malicious prosecution: The firm also takes cases involving clients facing prosecution without probable cause in violation of their civil rights.

"If you have been injured or wrongfully prosecuted by overzealous police officers or security officers, I can protect your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve."

— Attorney Tom Guccione

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